Sgian Dubh Pommels with Real Stones

The stones I use are specially cut and polished by
Renato Forno of Scottish Gemstones in Fife to fit our ferrule bands
We can also supply kiltpins, pendants, etc. with matching stones.

Pommel Stones
Pommels Stones available - last updated 9th September.


Examples of Topaz, Smoky Quartz and Amethyst Pommel Stones


Moss Agate
from Tayside
Sgian Dubh Real Stone Tops
Marble with a green hint from Iona

(Smoky Quartz)
from the Cairngorm mountain range

Green/Red Serpentine from Angus
Bluish/Grey Serpentine from Angus
Red Jasper from Fife

Iona marble pommel

Amber Pommel
Amber Pommel stone.


Moss Agate Pommel Stone
Moss Agate Pommel Stone

left ~ natural Cairngrom
right and below ~ Angus Serpentine



"It arrived - fantastic.  I am absolutely stunned.  It is very rare that something is actually better than you'd imagined.
Thank you very much and thank you for managing to do it within such a tight time scale."

Ian Hayton, London, England.
SG360 ~ Ebony handle and sheath, silver ferrules and pins, Fife red jasper pommel stone.

"Just wanted to let you know that my blade arrived today in good order. Personally, the carving on the handle is my overall favorite, but the damascus blade is a close second."
Brett Viestenz, California, USA.
SG290 ~ Ebony handle and sheath, silver ferrules and pins, Moss Agate pommel stone.


Angus Black Marble
Angus Black Marble

"Thank you so much Rab - it's absolutely beautiful; it looks amazing and feels good in the hand. You have done a great job and I am sure that my friend will be surprised and thrilled to receive this.
Thank you once again for making my day!"

Kind regards, Liz Rivers, Isle of Man.
SG331 ~ Ebony handle and sheath, silver ferrules, inlay and pins, real Cairngorm pommel stone.


Sapphire & Titanium
Sapphires on Titanium