Scottish Highland Dirks ~ Biodagan na Gàidhealtachd

This page shows examples of our past work, however we can no longer sell similar items.

Unfortunately, due to changes in Scottish legislation we cannot sell Dirks without holding a license.
While anyone may supply carving knives, meat cleavers, etc. which are 'designed for domestic use' we can not supply a Dirk for your Wedding Cake or Burn's Supper, even for export.
However, we are still permitted to make and sell Sgian Dubhs with blade lengths of 3.5" or less.

Presentation of a Highland Dirk to HRH Prince Charles
I carved this Ebony handle for a special collaborative project Dirk presented to The Duke of Rothesay (HRH The Prince of Wales).
More information about this project at The Gathering Dirk page.
Dirk Handle Carved Handle The Gathering Dirk

A special Wedding Cake Dirk with carved Ebony handle and engraved brass fittings.
Stainless blade engraved with the couple's names and the date of their wedding.

"Thank you so much for the beautiful dirk you made for us. It gave a much better sense of occasion than an ordinary boring cake knife and it is lovely to have now as a memento of the day."
Kirsten, Glasgow, Scotland.

Highland Dirk having cut the Haggis on Burn's Night
Scottish Highland Dirk photographed on Burn's Night having just cut open the Haggis.
"Rab - thanks so much for the dirk - it really brought 'the address to the Haggis' alive at the Burns' Supper!
It truly is a work of art which we shall treasure"
Steve & Alexia, Fife, Scotland.

Just cut the wedding cake
Just after cutting the Wedding Cake.
Wedding Gift Dirk in Highland Oak with Brass Pommel and Ferrule.


(CJ136) Dirk in African Blackwood, Sterling Silver Pommel, Ferrule and pins, engraved Stainless Steel blade with leather sheath.


Dirk with solid oak sheath

(CJ137) Dirk in Highland Oak, Brass Pommel, Ferrule and pins, engraved Stainless Steel blade. Commissioned as a wedding gift to cut the cake.


Dirk and Sgian Dubh in Culloden Bog Oak, 18ct Gold ferrules and pins, Fife Red Jasper Pommels and Stainless Steel blades.

Matched Dirk and Sgian Dubh Set
Dirk Clan Badge Pommel

Glen Urquhart Oak, Brass fittings and Stainless Steel blades

Pair of Dirks with African Blackwood handles, Sterling Silver ferrules, Amber Pommels and customer supplied blades by Murray Carter.

Burns Club Dirk
Custom made Dirk for Dalry Burns Club with Oak handle, brass fittings and Damascus blade.
Burns Night Dirk
'Federation Number 35' engraved on the ferrule
Dirk Pommel
Close up of the pommel with Dalry Burns Club motif


Custom made Dirk with Oak handle, brass fittings and Damascus blade.

Close up of the pommel - used as a wax seal


Khukri Style

Sgian Khukri
SG409 - Sgian Khukri
Antler handle, titanium blade, ebony sheath, Sterling silver pins and a matching titanium Kilt Pin.

'I found Rainnea on the internet by searching for 'custom sgian dubh's', my original sgian dubh had been confiscated at a Spanish Airport when we were returning from a wedding and I was keen to get something unique. My grandfathers had both fought in World War II and one of them was stationed in the Far East for part of it and had fought alongside the Gurkhas and I was fascinated by the efficiency of their Khukuri blades and their commitment to us, a foreign country. I wanted something that was uniquely Scottish whilst also remembering those who gave their all for our country and came up with the Sgian Khukuri idea. Once I'd passed this by Rab at Loch Ness Origins he was able to take my ideas and harness the local natural materials, and his own considerable skills, and produce a beautiful piece, exactly as I wanted it.'
Andy Taylor, Lochwinnoch.


Dirk style carving knife with EN45 spring steel blade, African Blackwood handle, brass fittings and leather scabbard.


Highland Dirk with Highland Oak handle, Damascus blade and brass fittings.